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Armed Security Guards

Armed security guards at IGuard are highly qualified individuals working in a role of ample responsibility. Many are current or law enforcement officers and all have undergone the required training and enrollment that allows them to have a firearm in the duration of their security duties.


The duties of the armed security guard will vary somewhat, relying on the particular role in which they are engaged. However, the underlying commitments and responsibilities remain the same. We understand that different businesses have diverse security requirements. Our services are planned with flexibility in mind to guarantee that you acquire the right security for any circumstances or situation.


Our security team can customize the benefits offered based on the level of protection and security you demand. The protection of your business and people is crucial for us. No share of protection is too much, especially in the tragic event of a tragedy or high-level safety threat. Do not leave your protection in the hands of an amateur firm. Or worse, do not disregard to put a wide security agenda in place.


IGuard’s team is one of the upscale private security firms in the state. With pleased clients across all initiatives, we deliver the best when it arrives at armed security personnel. The training that we demand our guards to conclude is some of the most extensive in the industry. Our bars are high because we know that yours are too. When you want peace of mind, IGuard’s armed security guards are your safety solution.


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Other Services

Retail Security Guards

Our certified retail guards are trained and undergone in providing safety assistance to businesses and their customers.

Hotel Security Guards

iGuard's hotel security guards are well educated and understand how important it is to maintain a peaceful environment for all the individuals visiting a hotel.

Event Security Guards

Our event security guards are undergone in providing security and safety to all the guests in an event and keeping the threats at the bay.

Vehicle Petrol Security Guards

The vehicle patrol service is an increasingly favored choice for associations of all types, as standard vehicular patrols are sufficient at preventing.

Executive Protection Security Guards

Our executive protection guards strive to keep you safe in all circumstances and protect you where ever you go.

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