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Event Security Guards

IGuard Security Services assists with planning, hazard review, problem precluding, event gathering control, and when required, crisis retort. All our guards are experienced at learning and scheduling the event security strategy and operating with the client, while our personnel is instructed to be courteous and proficient while ensuring the safety and security of all the event attendees.


Entertainment-oriented events are one of our métiers here at IGuards, we exhaustively understand the special event protection and use our expertise to boost the smooth process of your event by taking care of the hazards. From fashion shows to corporate product launches and yoga-in-the-park courses, we have your special event safety requirements covered.


Moreover, at IGuard, we examine your event from different angles. During the set-up procedure, we devise controls that shield you from all the possible risks at this stage. Our security range is personalized as per the need of each step, so your event does not encounter any inconveniences. Further, whenever there is a huge gathering at the event, the only reference we have is the maximum protection of your guests from any type of damage that any threatening crowd can execute.


IGuard provides experienced security guards who maintain the necessary training, experience, and skills to guarantee that your event is safe and secured. So, as a provider of professional security services in California, we can manage all types of events, from small, private ones to the most significant and VIP events.


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Other Services

Retail Security Guards

Our certified retail guards are trained and undergone in providing safety assistance to businesses and their customers.

Hotel Security Guards

iGuard's hotel security guards are well educated and understand how important it is to maintain a peaceful environment for all the individuals visiting a hotel.

Armed Security Guards

Armed security guards are the ultimate security necessity. They provide high-quality safety from threats.

Vehicle Petrol Security Guards

The vehicle patrol service is an increasingly favored choice for associations of all types, as standard vehicular patrols are sufficient at preventing.

Executive Protection Security Guards

Our executive protection guards strive to keep you safe in all circumstances and protect you where ever you go.

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