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Executive Protection
Security Guards

All of IGuard’s executive protection guards and security consultants are seasoned protective security specialists who have prior military training and direct-action experience. We strive for the customer’s security along with confidence-building so that they feel relaxed and safe, while we remain cautious.Security guards are all trained from certain forces and seminars to work with the knowledge to handle legal firearms licenses, VIP suits, or tactical.


All of our clients have exceptional requirements, lifestyles, and safety concerns. At IGuard we develop a security plan that accommodates all three, securing each client is defended and proffered complete guarantee of their solitude and protection.


When selecting from the general executive protection firms, would not it be pleasant to know you are heading to have professionally trained guards looking out for your security and well-being? That is exactly what IGuard has to offer. Our security guards will focus on controlling a problem from escalating.


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Other Services

Retail Security Guards

Our certified retail guards are trained and undergone in providing safety assistance to businesses and their customers.

Hotel Security Guards

iGuard's hotel security guards are well educated and understand how important it is to maintain a peaceful environment for all the individuals visiting a hotel.

Armed Security Guards

Armed security guards are the ultimate security necessity. They provide high-quality safety from threats.

Vehicle Petrol Security Guards

The vehicle patrol service is an increasingly favored choice for associations of all types, as standard vehicular patrols are sufficient at preventing.

Event Security Guards

Our event security guards are undergone in providing security and safety to all the guests in an event and keeping the threats at the bay.

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