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Hotel Security Guards

When it comes to the security of your guests, staff, and property, safety is extremely important, and at IGuard, it is our top priority. Our highly-trained security guards will provide the safety you seek, and always with the experienced behavior and courteous manner that is expected in the hospitality initiative.


IGuard is the ultimate choice in the field of security, specifically hotel security. We offer escorts and other safety services in the entire California region.  Our client base digits more than a thousand benefited individuals IGuard has been in the industry for years, delivering the best in safety and security for all who engage us.


We pride ourselves on operating in all endeavors and look ahead to helping more by providing the best security for all locals, employees, and guests. Our hotel security guards take consideration of considerable responsibilities on the hotel beliefs to keep everyone inside secure.


First, there are the entrance security guards. These guards consider the people entering and leaving, looking to spot any conceivable situations that may demand a reaction. Larger hotels may want security guards that manage the doors to be armed, and our guards are fully licensed to be armed in any case.


We work with individual clients to devise a unique protection schedule that is tailored to their organization and the needs of their team. Our security programs incorporate physical and technology-based solutions for a method that is complete and dependable and does not impede guests’ ventures.


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Other Services

Retail Security Guards

Our certified retail guards are trained and undergone in providing safety assistance to businesses and their customers.

Executive Protection Security Guards

Our executive protection guards strive to keep you safe in all circumstances and protect you where ever you go.

Armed Security Guards

Armed security guards are the ultimate security necessity. They provide high-quality safety from threats.

Vehicle Petrol Security Guards

The vehicle patrol service is an increasingly favored choice for associations of all types, as standard vehicular patrols are sufficient at preventing.

Event Security Guards

Our event security guards are undergone in providing security and safety to all the guests in an event and keeping the threats at the bay.

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