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Retail Security Guards

IGuard retail security services provide defensive benefits and misplacement precluding for shopkeepers. The continuous advancement of online shopping options has caused a considerable focus on the visitor experience for physical retail sites globally. This summarizes an expanded emphasis on both a safe and protected shopping atmosphere.


Over the years, IGuard has developed its existence in the retail security industry by providing crews of reliable, well-trained guards that focus on our clients’ preference requirements. Our retail security guards work as property delegates by being observable, available, and obtainable to administer the public by providing directions to their desirable store or reuniting split family members. Elevated visibility and tracking aggressive client touchpoints allow preventing unwanted action while assuring that the property can be safely appreciated by everyone.


We provide complete resolutions for self-sustaining shops, department stores, chain stores, and malls. Our retail security guards serve as your eyes and ears on your shop, giving your deception as a visual barrier and your clients the view that your store is well covered. If shoplifting or any other questionable activity does occur, you can rest guaranteed that the situation will be dealt with fast and efficiently, providing minimum disturbance to your customers and your retail company. We are also able to offer responsibilities such as fire safety and first aid, emergency planning and evacuation method, keeping your surroundings safe and your products safe.


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Other Services

Hotel Security Guards

iGuard's hotel security guards are well educated and understand how important it is to maintain a peaceful environment for all the individuals visiting a hotel.

Armed Security Guards

Armed security guards are the ultimate security necessity. They provide high-quality safety from threats.

Vehicle Petrol Security Guards

The vehicle patrol service is an increasingly favored choice for associations of all types, as standard vehicular patrols are sufficient at preventing.

Event Security Guards

Our event security guards are undergone in providing security and safety to all the guests in an event and keeping the threats at the bay.

Executive Protection Security Guards

Our executive protection guards strive to keep you safe in all circumstances and protect you where ever you go.

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