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Vehicle Patrol
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Our vehicle patrol services will help reduce break-in, destruction, and other offenses against your property, attendants, residents, and guests. Our experienced, uniformed patrol officers employ state-of-the-art automobiles and reporting devices.


We offer Business Patrols, Site Protection, Retail, and Industrial Property Patrols, Construction Site Patrols, On-site Property Patrol Services, along Traffic and Parking Control. Our advanced reporting system makes contact with our guards easy and convenient with 24/7 availability via the internet. The reporting system provides the flexibility to run weekly, monthly reports founded on locations, times, etc.


Patrol services are a cost-effective choice for reliable on-site safety officers. You can enhance their significance by posting warning signs that say your property is protected, watched, or patrolled. Even if you already have protection officers in place, patrol services can deliver an extra boost to invisibility. You may find that a patrolled area needs fewer officers during off-hours, thereby reducing your costs.


For businesses with multiple locations within a small radius, a spontaneous security patrol can be beneficial for you.  The rotating patrols serve as a corruption deterrent, this is the suitable solution for processes that do not have a record of crime and want to add a layer of irregular protection.


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Other Services

Retail Security Guards

Our certified retail guards are trained and undergone in providing safety assistance to businesses and their customers.

Hotel Security Guards

iGuard's hotel security guards are well educated and understand how important it is to maintain a peaceful environment for all the individuals visiting a hotel.

Armed Security Guards

Armed security guards are the ultimate security necessity. They provide high-quality safety from threats.

Event Security Guards

Our event security guards are undergone in providing security and safety to all the guests in an event and keeping the threats at the bay.

Executive Protection Security Guards

Our executive protection guards strive to keep you safe in all circumstances and protect you where ever you go.

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