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Retail Security Guards

IGuard retail security services provide defensive benefits and misplacement precluding for shopkeepers. The continuous advancement of online shopping options has caused a considerable focus on the visitor experience for physical retail sites globally.

Hotel Security Guards

When it comes to the security of your guests, staff, and property, safety is extremely important, and at IGuard, it is our top priority. Our highly-trained security guards will provide the safety you seek, and always with the experienced behavior and courteous manner that is expected in the hospitality initiative.

Armed Security Guards

Armed security guards at IGuard are highly qualified individuals working in a role of ample responsibility. Many are current or law enforcement officers and all have undergone the required training and enrollment that allows them to have a firearm in the duration of their security duties.

Vehicle Petrol Security Guards

Our vehicle patrol services will help reduce break-in, destruction, and other offenses against your property, attendants, residents, and guests. Our experienced, uniformed patrol officers employ state-of-the-art automobiles and reporting devices.

Event Security Guards

All our guards are experienced at learning and scheduling the event security strategy and operating with the client, while our personnel is instructed to be courteous and proficient while ensuring the safety and security of all the event attendees.

Executive Protection Security Guards

All of IGuard's executive protection guards and security consultants are seasoned protective security specialists who have prior military training and direct-action experience. We strive for the customer's security along with confidence-building so that they feel relaxed and safe, while we remain cautious.

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